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Whalepass - Revolutionizing Game Monetization and Player Retention with Our Beta Soft Release

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Hayder Sharhan
Hayder Sharhan

Exciting News from Whalepass!

We are thrilled to announce the beta soft release of the Whalepass platform, designed to simplify the development experience for game developers who are looking for alternative ways to monetize. Our comprehensive suite includes the Developer Dashboard, a powerful API, and an intuitive web app for end users. Let's dive into the details!

1. Developer Dashboard (Beta Soft Release) - dashboard.whalepass.gg

  • -- Initial Launch: Experience the first iteration of our feature-rich dashboard.
  • -- Versatile Sign-in Options: Choose between social sign-in or traditional email/password setup.
  • -- Multi-game Management: Handle multiple games under one organization effortlessly.
  • -- Battle Pass Campaigns: Customize multiple campaigns with start/end dates and set pricing for premium tracks (currently in USD).
  • -- Dynamic Leveling and Challenges: Engage players with a robust leveling system and diverse challenges, offering experience points and standalone rewards.
  • -- Player Insights: Access a comprehensive list of current players and subscribers.
  • -- API Key Accessibility: Easily find your API key on its dedicated page.
  • -- Feature Teasers: Get a glimpse of exciting upcoming features labeled as "Coming Soon".
  • -- Full CRUD Flexibility: Enjoy complete create, read, update, delete (CRUD) control for personalized feedback integration.
  • -- Reward Customization: Add rewards applicable across multiple campaigns, including ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, in-game currency, and items. Note: Onchain rewards currently require manual setup via contacting us on Intercom.
  • -- Enhanced Billing Page: Manage your finances seamlessly.
  • -- Game Switching Ease: Switch between games or add new ones with our handy dropdown menu.
  • -- Instant Support: Reach out for assistance via the Intercom button.

2. API (Beta Soft Release) - api.whalepass.gg

Key Endpoints:

  • -- Added endpoint to subscribe a player to a campaign:

POST /subscriptions

  • -- Added endpoint to increment a player's experience points:

POST /players/{playerId}/progress/exp

  • -- Added endpoint to tell Whalepass if a challenge is complete:

POST /players/{playerId}/progress/ challenge

  • -- Added endpoint to get the player's progress:

GET /players/{playerId}/progress?battlepassId={battlepassId} OR search endpoint -> GET /players/progress

  • -- Added endpoint to get the redirection token when a player wants to go to Whalepass's app:

GET /players/{playerId}/redirect?battlepassId={battlepassId}

  • -- Added endpoint to get a battle pass's latest info in real time:

GET /battlepass/{battlepassId}

3. Player App (Beta Soft Release) - app.whalepass.gg

  • Social Login: Access via Google and Discord.
  • Direct Purchases: Buy subscriptions or individual battle passes.
  • Game Linking: Connect your game to the battle pass seamlessly.
  • Account Management: Create or link existing accounts, retaining progress.
  • Inventory Handling: Manage diverse item types and mint them onchain as needed.
  • Wallet Integration: Link your Ethereum wallet for enhanced experiences.
  • Game Activity Overview: View all your game activities in one place.
  • Live Support: Chat with our team via Intercom.
  • Sneak Peeks: Explore teasers of what's next!

Join Us on This Journey

We're committed to elevating the experience for both developers and players. This beta release marks just the beginning of our journey. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to enhance Whalepass. Dive in, explore, and be a part of this exciting evolution in the gaming world!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback the following avenues are available:

  • Joining the community discussion: Here
  • Joining our Discord server: Here
  • Reaching out via email: [email protected]
  • Reaching out via our contact page (Intercom): Here