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Game Mods Can Utilize Whalepass to Boost Monetization & User Retention: Whalepass and X Hero Siege Partnership

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Hayder Sharhan
Hayder Sharhan


In the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, where innovation is the key to success, Whalepass proudly announces a unique partnership with the DOTA classic, X Hero Siege. This collaboration marks a distinctive venture, setting it apart from conventional game partnerships, as it delves into the realm of game mods. In this blog post, we explore how this unique collaboration opens new doors for game mods and how Whalepass emerges as the solution for game developers that are looking to increase acquisition, retention, game discoverability and monetization!

The Unprecedented Partnership

Whalepass has teamed up with X Hero Siege, a popular Dota 2 custom game that has garnered a massive fan following. This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it's a strategic alliance that aims to redefine the way custom games are perceived and monetized.

Why X Hero Siege?

X Hero Siege, with its immersive gameplay and dedicated player base, provides an ideal canvas for this innovative strategy. Unlike traditional games, custom games often struggle to find avenues for revenue generation. Whalepass, however, has cracked the code, presenting a model that can be seamlessly integrated into the X Hero Siege experience and theoratically any system that's looking to improve itself.

Whalepass: A Holistic Game Toolkit

Whalepass emerges as a game-changer in the game development landscape, offering a out of the box tooling that caters to the diverse needs of game developers, custom game creators, and gamers alike. Whether you're navigating the intricate world of full-fledged games or exploring the uncharted territories of custom games like X Hero Siege, Whalepass has the tools to unlock your project's full earning potential.

Features of The Whalepass Ecosystem

  1. Adaptive Monetization Models: Whalepass understands the nuances of gaming projects. With adaptive monetization models, developers can choose from a variety of strategies that align with their vision, ensuring a perfect fit for projects like X Hero Siege.

  2. Seamless Integration: One of the standout features of this partnership is the seamless integration between Whalepass and X Hero Siege. Developers of the custom game found the process remarkably straightforward, allowing them to focus on what they do best – creating engaging and immersive gaming experiences. Whalepass's compatibility ensures that X Hero Siege retains its unique essence while reaping the benefits of advanced strategies.

  3. Whalepass Dashboard: Navigating the complexities of meta game tooling has never been easier. Whalepass introduces a user-friendly dashboard that simplifies the entire process for game studios, especially those like Frostrose (developer of X Hero Siege). For example creating battle passes is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive interface that puts customization and control at the developers' fingertips.

  4. Unlocking Tradable Assets through ERC1155 SFTs: In the realm of unlocking the NFT and SFT potential, Whalepass introduces a game-changing feature. As assets are represented as ERC1155 SFTs, players within X Hero Siege can engage in peer-to-peer trading. This advancement not only enhances the gaming experience but also nurtures a vibrant player-driven economy.

  5. Boosting Player Acquistion and Retention: Since trading user owned items is unrestricted, new players will start lining up at the door to earn those rewards that they can later speculate on. This has huge potential to a previously released title such as X Hero Siege. Giving it another chance to bring old and new players back to the game! Moreover, since it's exponentially harder to get the most rare reward, players will need to spend a lot more time in game to complete the entire battlepass.

  6. Game Discovery: Integrating with Whalepass has a unique added benefit! Game developers will not only benefit from the Whalepass developer dashboard to easily integrate meta game features, they'll actually plug themselves into the game discoverability oriented player dashboard! With this dashboard games can cross-promote each other via interoperability through trade and access.


The partnership between Whalepass and X Hero Siege unlocks potential that's previously unreaped. Specifically crafted to elevate the X Hero Siege experience, this collaboration exemplifies how seamless integration and an intuitive dashboard can empower developers. As Whalepass continues to revolutionize the monetization landscape, X Hero Siege stands at the forefront, ready to explore new heights with effortless integration, engaging LiveOps features, and innovative onchain rewards.

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