A plug-and-play
backend to supercharge your game

Whalepass is a plug and play game backend that helps game developers create better experiences for their players. With out-of-the-box tooling and cutting edge technology to help them unlock long-term value.

Solutions designed for studios like yours

Here at Whalepass we focus on creating solutions that utilize cutting edge technologies to help you acquire players, increase retention, monetization and game discoverability.

Developer Dashboard

A plug and play developer dashboard that makes it super easy to ship meta game features.

Cross-game Portal

A portal for players to discover other games and participate in different quests to earn more rewards.

Cross-game Marketplace

Allow your players to trade assets with players from other games and earn royalties from those trades!

Seasonal Progression System

With a few clicks create and manage a maintainable battlepass for your game that can be repurposed for many seasons.

Analytics & Administration

Have complete oversight over your game & quickly react to in game events.

Unity SDK

The Unity SDK wraps our features in the perfect way to help you integrate faster

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PlaytoEarn.net Joins Forces with Whalepass to Transform Blockchain Gaming

The integration with Whalepass's API means games can now work with Whalepass's tools, allowing for a smoother development process. For gamers, the Player App brings a host of user-friendly features. Features such as simple sign-in via Google or Discord, easy purchase of subscriptions or battle passes, and the ability to save game progress.

Jese Leos avatar PlayToEarn
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Is Blockchain-Powered Game Monetization the Future of SaaS Solutions?

The gaming world is set for a revolution, with the introduction of next-gen monetization solutions for game developers and an enhanced experience for players. Houston-based startup, Whalepass offers an innovative platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide a web3-backed monetization solution for games.

Bonnie Green avatar VENTURE
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Join an ecosystem

Games that integrate with Whalepass join a secured ecosystem of games that cross-promote each other

Our rigorous security and compliance standards are at the heart of all we do. We work tirelessly to protect you and the players of your games.

A Marketplace

for players to trade, sell and gift their assets

Anti-botting Security

always on the lookout for bot and suspicious traffic

Cost savings

much cheaper than managing your own backend

Multi-regional Support

payment services that support multiple regions worldwide

Designed for game studios like yours

Here at Whalepass we focus on finding alternative monetization solutions that can unlock long-term value and drive revenue for your game.

Free Tier

Ideal for small studios and solo developers, offering tailored solutions without setup or hidden fees.

  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Team size: 1 developer
  • 2,000 MAU included / mo
  • $0.010 / additional MAU
  • Support via the community
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Pro Tier

Designed for mid-size studios seeking extended and premium support, with access to beta features.

  • Everything in free tier
  • Team size: 5 developers
  • 15,000 MAU included / mo
  • $0.010 / additional MAU
  • Premium support: 12 months
$99 / Month

Custom Tier

Exclusive offers available for our early adopters and partners!

  • Custom feature development to fit your needs
  • Cheaper MAU
  • Everything in pro tier!
  • Team size: unlimited
  • Premium support: unlimited
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Whalepass revolutionizes game development by offering a unique toolkit. Our platform includes a user-friendly dashboard and a versatile API (and an SDK for several game engines), specifically tailored to assist developers with metagame tooling for example crafting an engaging seasonal progression system (like a battlepass). It's all about configurability, ease of administration, and fostering ongoing player engagement. Dive in and see how we can elevate your game!

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