A monetization
solution for games from the future

A monetization solution for games & a subscription service for end users. An out of the box battle pass service that's easy to setup and can integrate into any game.

Dashboard to help you monetize

Monetize your game quickly in an engaging and meaningful way that improves user retention and brings in revenue on day one of your game launch

  • Battle pass leveling system
  • Creation and management of game items and currency
  • Analyze player behavior and make changes quickly
  • Templates for your battle pass system
  • Optionally back your game assets with web3 technology
  • No need for any blockchain knowledge

Integration into the game is as simple as adding triggers for battle pass experience points.

A common premium subscription

Increase discoverability of your game by hopping on the common subscription service that allows them to have premium access to your game & other games in the ecosystem

  • Players can subscribe via the common subscription
  • Players can subscribe directly and only to your game
  • Players can remain on the free tier system
  • No need for players to have any blockchain knowledge

Join an ecosystem

Games that integrate with Whalepass join a secured ecosystem of user-owned assets

Our rigorous security and compliance standards are at the heart of all we do. We work tirelessly to protect you and your customers.

A Marketplace

for players to trade, sell and gift their truly-owned items

Anti-botting Security

always on the lookout for bot and suspicious traffic

99.99% uptime

for your monetization solution, with zero maintenance downtime

Multi-regional Support

subscription service that support multiple regions worldwide

Designed for game studios like yours

Here at Whalepass we focus on finding alternative monetization solutions that can unlock long-term value and drive revenue for your game.

Free Tier

Best option for small studios & solo developers.

  • Individual configuration
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Team size: 1 developer
  • Premium support: 6 months
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Paid Tier

Relevant for mid size studios, extended & premium support.

  • Everything in free tier
  • Access to beta features
  • Team size: 10 developers
  • Premium support: 24 months
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Best for large scale uses and customization requirements.

  • Everything in free & paid tier
  • Custom feature development
  • Team size: let's talk
  • Premium support: let's talk
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Frequently asked questions

Generally, it makes more sense to add a battle pass in a free to play game but if you have a lot of content that the user might be interested in subscribing to, then a battle pass might be the right fit.

Find out more information by reading our monetization tutorial (coming soon)

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